Since 2017, we have led the effort to engage, inspire and invest in the women who nourish the South.


Our Mission

Yes Ma'am strives to provide opportunities within the restaurant and hospitality industries for women across the South through community engagement, mentorship, and personalized continued education.

What We'll Achieve

Internships & Experience

  • Create a network of professional women who mentor and support one another.
  • Provide financial assistance to applicants seeking opportunities for personalized hands-on continuing education.


  • Host community based events to recognize the talents and achievements of local women.
  • Address the issues women traditionally face in the hospitality industry and collaborate to create change for all employees regardless of sex, race, religion or sexual orientation.


  • Invest our resources and finances in the women we believe in.
  • Make education more accessible through grants and scholarships. 

Celebrate who we are. Period. 


Photography provided by Randy Schmidt